Menu’ English


sausage mixed

Fried cake with salami, gorgonzola and growth  torta fritta

Tasting cheese with mustard and honey

Crostini with::

  • Raw and truffle
  • Tomato, mozzarella, oregano
  • porcini mushrooms and Parmesan
  • Mexican Salsa


Candy stuffed with truffles

Tortelli piacentini   IMG_0161

Pisarei and beans

Lasagnette duck and porcini mushrooms

Anolini with beef broth



Fillet of the house

Grilled Fillet

Fillet with porcini mushrooms

Fillet with mustard                  filetto griglia

Fillet with green pepper

Tenderloin with balsamic vinegar

Filet with Gorgonzola

Cut with rocket and potatoes

Cut special (two threads) with potatoes

Sirloin grilled

Skewer grilled

Grilled sausage

Mixed grilled meats (minimum 2 port.) A portion

Carpaccio of hand cut

Tasting cheese with mustard and honey

SALADS A PLEASURE WITH:                                                                          

Mozzarella, tuna, olives, tomato, rocket, parmesan, capers

SIDE DISHES                                                                                                    


Grilled vegetables

Baked potatoes

Tomatoes fritt

Battered vegetables